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  • Southern Bike Tour

    Southern Bike Tour

    Enjoy Southern Laos Bike Tour through the most popular 4000 Island in Laos
  • Wat Xieng Thong

    Wat Xieng Thong

    Wat Xieng Thong was built by King Settathirat in 1560 and remained under royal patron-age for four centuries.
  • Northern Bike Tour

    Northern Bike Tour

    Bike through beautiful remains of the countryside of Laos
  • Elephant Riding

    Elephant Riding

    Laos is a country that has long revered the elephant for its royal and religious significance.
  • Arm Gathering

    Arm Gathering

    In Buddhism, alms or almsgiving is the respect given by a lay Buddhist to a monk or nun as a symbolic connection to the spiritual and to show humbleness and respect.
  • Baci Ceremony

    Baci Ceremony

    Baci (also spelt basi) is specific ceremony in Laos which has been practiced for hundreds of years. The term commonly used is ?sou khuan? which means ?spirit enhancing or spirit calling

Relish the Flavours of Laos with your Family

Family Tour Laos

The true beauty of Laos lies in its unending wilderness and unscathed landscapes. Travelling around the realms of this enthralling nation is like getting lost within the spheres of time. Besides presenting a host of opportunities for lone backpackers to enjoy a trip of lifetime, it also provides an ideal hideout for enjoying with the family, as well.

Exploring and relishing the real flavours of Laos with family, becomes relatively convenient and relaxing when one opts for a commendable trip operator like PureLaos. As a leading trip organizer of Laos, we focus on transcending the existing myths of exploring and incorporating an entirely different outlook. We believe that wandering around is not just about seeing new destinations but it is actually about experiencing something that is unknown or unseen. With this belief in mind, we aim at designing the custom family trip packages that helps one to enjoy the most out of a family trip in Laos.

We bring together a proficient group of staffs, drivers and guides who are committed to ensure complete convenience for the tourists. Starting from booking accommodations to vehicle reservations, we take care of every aspect that is needed to make a vacation perfect.

Blessed with diversified traditions, rich cultures and serene natural diversity, Laos provides the perfect platform for an unbeaten holiday experience. With numerous things to explore and multitude of activities to try out, it is assured that the tourists visiting this magnificent country will never return empty-handed.