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  • Southern Bike Tour

    Southern Bike Tour

    Enjoy Southern Laos Bike Tour through the most popular 4000 Island in Laos
  • Wat Xieng Thong

    Wat Xieng Thong

    Wat Xieng Thong was built by King Settathirat in 1560 and remained under royal patron-age for four centuries.
  • Northern Bike Tour

    Northern Bike Tour

    Bike through beautiful remains of the countryside of Laos
  • Elephant Riding

    Elephant Riding

    Laos is a country that has long revered the elephant for its royal and religious significance.
  • Arm Gathering

    Arm Gathering

    In Buddhism, alms or almsgiving is the respect given by a lay Buddhist to a monk or nun as a symbolic connection to the spiritual and to show humbleness and respect.
  • Baci Ceremony

    Baci Ceremony

    Baci (also spelt basi) is specific ceremony in Laos which has been practiced for hundreds of years. The term commonly used is �sou khuan� which means �spirit enhancing or spirit calling

About Us

How to find us?
Pure Laos Travel is located in the town of LuangPrabang. We are at the opposite of Watmai Temple. You can find us as the map below.


Ban Pakham, Opposite Watmai
Sisavangvong Road, LuangPrabang District,Laos.
Tel: +856(20) 557 71 646
Fax: +856(71) 254 675
Email: chit@purelaos.com


Chitthavone Philavanh: Managing Director & Chief cycling guide

After 1975 revolution, Chit was a student at the country side and helped parents worked in the farms then became a teacher without his decision, after 16 years of school teacher became a tour guide for both cultural tours and cycling tours throughout Laos, in 2008 set up Sabaidee Luang Prabang Travel Company.

Chitthavone Philavanh

Jens Gregersen
: Tour Leader
A former bicycle-shop owner in Denmark and been in bicycle branch for more than 15 years
As well have been leading tours for a Danish and Asia bicycle-tour operator in Thailand, Laos,Cambodia and Europa.
Bicycling is a pasion for me  ,and what I keep telling to people is : The perfects way to see the world is from sitting on a
Favorite riding : Tuscany Italy and Laos

Jens Gregersen

Bouaphan Sivilay:
vice director/accountant

As working as a teacher for many years, is now our office manager.

Bouaphan Sivilay

Bay Philavanh:
Marketing manager

Born in Luang Prabang Province. After he finished high school, He moved to Vientiane for educating. Now he works as Marketing Manager for SabaideeLuangPrabang for years.

Bay Philavanh

Joy Chittanong:
Tour guide

Escape from his country home town to city for education, staying at the temple as a Buddhist monk during his student hood for several years, after finished school he became a tour guide,
Foreign language: English

Joy Chittanong

Singthong :
Tour guide

Born in a small village outside LuangPrabang he moved to LuangPrabang to be a Buddhist monk at the temple for education after finished school he has worked as a tour guide since Foreign language: English


: Tour guide

The world's first H'mong bicycle tour guide! Born in remote area of Laos from a Hmong hill tribe (high lander). After three years studying at the teacher training collage in LuangPrabang he became a tour guide.
Foreign language: English Local language: Lao, Hmong languages